10 Great Reasons it’s About Time to Switch Your Accountant

Many people don’t enjoy sorting out their finances themselves, so they employ an accountant. And employing an accountant is a great way to save time and ensure that all of your finances are in good hands.

However, sometimes you need to take a step back and consider whether you are still with the right accountant for your business. Every accountant is different, and you need to ensure that you are with the best one for you.

Below are 10 great reasons which might indicate it’s time for you to switch.

1) Access to Real Time Data

One of the most important things that you might want in an accountant is constant access to your accountancy information. Some accountants only offer quarterly or yearly updates, and although this is sufficient for keeping your finances in order, it does not help you make financial decisions.

It is always good to have an accountant who offers access to your real time financial data whenever you need it. This way you can check everything is going well and have a look at your financial situation if you are considering making changes to your business.

2) Cost

Another indication that it might be time to switch accountants is the price of the service. If you are paying hourly, or an amount that you feel is simply too high for the service you are getting, then you can most likely find a more cost effective accountant with better services for you elsewhere.

3) The Accountant Doesn’t Understand Your Business

If you do not feel that the accountant completely understands your business then this is another reason to go elsewhere. It is absolutely essential that the accountant you hire totally understands the ins and outs of your business and your commercial aims.

5141040131 ed264f7f3f 10 Great Reasons it’s About Time to Switch Your AccountantHaving a good accountant can save you lots of money

Without that knowledge, the accountant won’t be able to offer you the best and most suitable service. Therefore, if you feel that your current accountant doesn’t understand your company then it is probably time to make the change. 

4) Company Growth

Sometimes, you can find that as your business or company expands, it actually outgrows your current accountant. As you have more and more financial issues and money coming in and out that needs dealing with, it is very important that your accountant has the right amount of time to handle your accounts.

If you feel that your company has simply outgrown your accountant, then it is probably time to switch to a new accountant who is better equipped to deal with accounts on a larger basis. 

5) Error Free Work

You might not think that the occasional error here and there is a big deal, but actually it is. One small error in your accounts could mean that you pay too much tax or too little… neither of which are ideal.

If you’ve noticed a few small errors but have swept them under the carpet, then it’s time to switch accountants to someone who constantly strives for the best. 

6) Planning for the Future

Accountants play a big part in helping you and your business plan for the future. If your current accountant doesn’t seem to have the time to talk to you about future possibilities and offer you advice, then it is time to switch.

With their abundant financial knowledge and experience accountants are the best people to offer you help and advice with future plans. Many accountants provide this sort of service, so make sure you choose one that does.

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7) Always Available

You don’t want to have to talk to lots of different people every time you want to know anything about your finances. If you have found that your current accountant simply isn’t available a reasonable amount of the time, and you are passed from pillar to post then you should switch accountants. A different accountant could offer you more stability and be personally available when you need them. 

8) The Economy has Changes – Has Your Accountant?

With the credit crunch a few years ago and the constant wavering in the financial market, it is fair to say that the economy has definitely changed over the past few years… but has your accountant?

It is essential that your accountant knows all about the current financial situation as this means they will be able to advise you about how to best handle your accounts in the current climate. 

9) Speaking a Different Language

Sometimes it can feel like your accountant is speaking a different language. If they always use accountancy terminology without explaining what they are talking about you could come away from the conversation more confused then when you started.

It is essential that you and your accountant fully understand each other. If you don’t feel like your relationship with your current accountant involves clear communication then you probably want to think about switching. 

10) Good Relationship

Finally, having a good relationship with your accountant is possibly the most important reason of them all. Having a good relationship means that you understand each other, are free to talk openly about the service and possibilities for the future.

If you and your accountant get on you are more likely to receive a good overall service. Therefore, if this isn’t description doesn’t reflect your current relationship then you definitely need to switch accountants. Visit Accounts Net as a possible option when switching Accountants. 


Accountants are very helpful, but it is very important that you get the right one for you. If you can relate to any of these 10 reasons then it’s definitely time you thought about switching accountants.

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