Consumer Culture: Lead the Way with Branding

As new brands have successfully an unsuccessfully tried new and innovating product concepts throughout the decades – while many of these radical marketing campaigns have flopped, and not proven to make an impact – others have totally redefined the course of consumer culture in America; needless to say immense profit and success for these companies followed. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways you can conceptualize and execute a re-branding campaign that “shoots for the moon”, and seeks to change consumer culture forever – take a look!

consumer 300x298 Consumer Culture: Lead the Way with Branding
How Your Brand Can Affect Consumer Culture

As you look at brands like Apple Computers, Mini Cooper, McDonald’s and Polaroid Camera; what do they all have in common? The answer is, they created something that was radical, and that any expert in their time would have dismissed as a guaranteed failure. As these brands came on the scene as instant sensations, they offered something new and different that truly rocked the boat. As you look at your own product offering, think about how it could become a sensation. To get into this mindset, you have to think that bad can be good, right can be wrong, etc. Try to think of a way that your product and branding can actually defy everything that’s already been done in your industry; and this will lead you to become a brand icon that changes America.

True Boldness: Presenting Your Brand

As you’ve discovered and are prepared to launch a new product line that will redefine your brand and the industry alike, you need to go further than simply talking about these factors in the same stale light. If you’re really offering something different, you need to say so – and loudly. Literally imagine things people don’t like about existing products in your industry, and start talking about how your product does exactly that, and why it’s better. Does this sound crazy? Think about brands like RedBull Energy drinks. When RedBull’s CEO created the energy drink, he did vast taste tests to no avail – the resounding response to his existing formula was “ewww, gross!” The CEO couldn’t be happier, as he wanted a flavor that people would remember. Bad is as memorable as good – and it only helped the image of “power” and “potency” in the energy drink brand.

Executing a Rebranding Launch

In a rebranding, or general product launch, it’s important to get as much exposure as fast as possible. While it can be costly, if you’re really hoping to change consumer culture radically with innovation, you can’t afford to ease in – you’ve got to go in hard and fast. This means an all across the board blitz of different marketing channels: social media, television, radio, and direct mail. It’s essential to target these media to your core demographics wherever possible. With direct mail, you can hit every address in a given zip code at a discounted rate through the USPS EDDM program. This is an awesome way to make sure the most eyes see your message, as people can’t filter out your message automatically, and have to read what you send them. Consider adding or gluing a custom business card to your direct mailers so customers have someone to contact immediately after they get interested.


While it’s never easy to change the fabric of consumer culture with something new and radical, it’s always worth attempting. The companies that try this are passionate about what they have, and what it will be worth to consumers on the whole as time moves forward. While not all succeed, there’s no other way to approach launching something radical like Apple Computers – there’s no room not to go all out. As you consider your own branding for consumer culture, just ask yourself one simple question: is my product remarkable enough? If the answer is yes, that’s really all you have to know.

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