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The question of whether women take more risks than men can be answered when looking at the recent changes in gambling at both casinos and online as it has become more popular with both sexes.  The traditional view of gambling is a well-dressed man about to play the winning hand with his beautiful wife or girlfriend standing by his side in what can be seen as a supporting role. However, the gender gap seen in the gambling world is shrinking as women have begun stating their claim on games that weren’t traditionally seen to be played by women such as, poker. With the rise of online gambling sites as well as smartphone and tablet apps, gambling is more accessible than ever before, bringing the casino to the businessman or businesswoman commuter or whilst at home. To experience this accessibility yourself, more information can be found here.

bisiness enviroment Creating The Right Business Training Environment

Rightly or wrongly, men are often seen to gamble for the excitement, the strategy involved and for massaging their alpha-male egos. Women are often stereotyped as gambling for the rush and fun of it on a ladies’ night out. However, these stereotypes are changing, especially those of women who are becoming more involved online and are now regularly playing on poker tables in casinos instead of standing next to their male partner as support.

There is also a difference in how men and women see and act within casinos. As a generalization, men would happily go to a casino on their own due to enjoying the strategic aspect of the games and with a specific goal of leaving with more money. Women on the other hand are generalized as going to casinos in a group for ‘a bit of fun’, enjoying the rush of adrenaline from betting and usually play ‘fate’ games such as, the slots than strategic games, like poker. These wide generalizations are extremely interesting especially considering the rapid rise in both the online and casino presence of women who are making a name for themselves and ensuring men do not see their pot as ‘easy chips’ to win.

The issue of men or women taking more risks than one another is one that has raged on for years with debates over whether the economy would have crashed if the Lehman Brothers was instead Lehman Sisters. Women, it can be said, although risk-takers also separate emotion from the game so their risks are often calculated. Men on the other hand become defensive and see an attack during a game of poker as an attack on their manhood. Women are taking the game by storm both online and in the real world and have started to receive tournament sponsorship deals.

Whether a man or woman is having a good night out at the casino or playing online with players from all over the world, both sexes can enjoy the thrills of casino games whether it is for fun or for the love of the strategy. Even though there are still differences between how and why men and women visit casinos; men better watch out if they see women as ‘easy pickings’ at the casino or online as the women are fighting back!

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