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The approaching doomsday’s certainty is up for debate but its possibility is not. Modern armies have arms with such devastating capabilities that even slight provocation could result in apocalyptic consequences. Nuclear doomsday has become a foreseeable event in certain circumstances and so much so that it has prompted many to start preparing for nuclear war. The only way to wholly survive such an event would be take shelter in underground shelters or bunkers which protect their occupants from the rapidly harsh environment on ground level.

How do underground shelters work?

Underground shelters are designed to shield their inhabitants from the effects of radiation and explosions and also the resulting social anarchy and chaos following such apocalyptic events. Shelters have protection factors or radiation protection factors which determine how much protection they provide. A shelter with a Radiation Protection Factor of 100 means that the shelter provides a hundred times more protection from radiation than a person would have being outside. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) publication, the Standards for Fallout Shelters, define shelters as, ‘any room, structure or space designated as such and providing its occupants with protection at a minimum protection factor of 40 from fallout radiation resulting from a nuclear explosion.’ This means that the minimum amount of protection is to ensure that the people inside a shelter are exposed to one-fortieth the amount of nuclear radiation as they would if they were outside during a nuclear event.

Government recommendations state that in the event of such an explosion, it would be prudent to stay inside the shelter for more than fourteen days although the time required for radiation to dissipate varies according to the nature of the explosion itself. However, fourteen to fifteen days is sufficient time to allay the greatest of the ill-effects of radiation. Shelters should come with Geiger counters to measure radiation and battery powered radios to stay in touch with other surviving members of society.

Skills for Doomsday

  • Making a fire – Knowing how to start a fire is a great life skill to know and it has application in general life as well, without the event of a nuclear explosion. There are fire starters that are available in the market which provide basic flames or sparks and can facilitate in making infernos but one should still be aware of how to start a fire using flint and dry leaves. In the event of a catastrophe, it is not unfeasible to be in a situation where there are no supplies and your store-purchased fire starter may have been lost in some inferno itself, hence rubbing two flints over some dry leaves and tree husk can be a skill that can come in handy and save lives.
  • Being familiar with firearms – There are many who argue against the use of firearms completely and their argument is well-worth. However, in the event of anarchy befalling society and widespread looting and plundering occurring in frequent intervals, protection of self and family is the most important thing to do. There are many courses which are available for firearm training and they can be taken from any local reputable shooting instructor. One should be familiar with the safety precautions of guns and firearms, how to handle magazines and ammunition and the basics of cleaning and maintaining a gun.
  • Navigation – Learning how to read the stars and draw direction from them and how to traverse terrain is a skill which can be invaluable not only in knowing how to travel without traditional means of transport but also in avoiding unwanted exposure to radiation affected areas or to socially disrupted areas. Learning to read maps, navigating using those maps and also tracking movement is an important skill set to have which makes survival much easier in such difficult circumstances.


Marty is an architect who specializes in building underground shelters and structures which can withstand the might of nuclear explosions. He has been building these shelters with inspiration drawn from the shelters of the Cold War era and his expertise makes him ideal for answering queries related to survival in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.To know more click on Mantri Realty


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