How To Be A Better Risk Taker

better risk

You can’t live life without taking risks. This doesn’t mean you have to walk blindfold over a busy road every day or learn to juggle with razor-sharp knives. Life is full of opportunities that are there for the grabbing, and some of that grabbing involves taking a risk. If you’re not prepared to take the risk, then you may miss out on many opportunities that life is willing to present to you, some of which may change your entire existence and in a positive way. Often, it pays to be brave.


One of the key aspects of becoming someone who is willing to take necessary risks is ascertaining that a risk you are about to take comes with a ‘get out’ clause. You must learn to understand yourself, your personality and the levels of risk you are willing to tolerate. If it’s a one-way street, or a journey on a route that has no way of returning to where you started from, then ask yourself if it’s really worth it. A risk is a risk because it involves a loss if something goes wrong. If you’ve no way back to the place you were at before you took the risk, then it’s something that might just be too risky.


If you’re about to partake in a risky activity, then take time to picture it through mentally before you start. Make sure you are fully prepared, and have as many facts to hand as there are available. Imagine yourself negotiating the risk perfectly, and coming out the other side successfully. Push thoughts of negativity out of your head. When it finally becomes time to take the risk, you’ll be in a much better place.


The world encourages us to become averse to risk-taking. Everywhere we go we’re peppered with alarmist language along the lines of “don’t do this in case this happens”. You can’t purchase anything these days without an insurance policy for it being shoved in our faces. The trick is to evaluate any risky situation in line with common sense so you get a clear and non-alarmist view of the situation in order to make a logical decision.


Life may present a constant stream of available risks, but it pays to only take one risk at a time. There’s nothing wrong with taking a big risk, but it certainly pays to turn down any other risky ventures when you have one big risk on the go. Concentrating on something risky can cause a deal of mental strain, so it’s wise not to stretch your cognitive abilities to breaking point.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when taking a risk is to only risk what you can afford to risk. If you’re putting everything on the line, and things do not turn out as well as you’d planned, then you can suddenly find yourself in a very dark place indeed, desperately searching for the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


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