How to be a crime scene cleaner

crime scene

The job of the crime scene cleaner is undoubtedly not one for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, but for the right mind-set it can be a highly satisfying position that is crucial to the smooth running of public services.

And yet, it’s a job with many misconceptions, with those pulse-racing crime shows featuring fast cutting and dramatic music giving a crime scene a sense of hyper reality that bears little resemblance to the real world. They paint the crime scene as a place of action and adventure, ignoring its grisly realities.

But, what they never show is the crime scene cleaning that takes place after the event, where a crew of highly trained professionals come to discreetly dispose of the blood, disease and other fluids that can permeate a crime scene.

And, it’s not even the case that the police or medical services will arrange for these clean-ups. In a residential or business environment, it is entirely up to the owner to arrange for the mess of a potentially upsetting incident to be cleared away.

The right type of person for crime scene cleaning

It’s a job for those with a steely resolve, certainly, but it also requires a sensitivity and respect regarding the distressing situation you’re working in, wherein you might be clearing away a recently distressing event in your client’s life.

In such a highly sensitive environment, it’s also necessary to have a sense of discretion when tackling this delicate process, not making the work you’re undertaking clear to the surrounding area. It might just be that the reason you rarely hear about crime scene cleaners is that their discreet and private nature is part and parcel of what makes them good at their job.

To clean up a crime scene also requires a high level of specialist knowledge, taking more than a quick scrub down before you’re done. Instead, you will be required to clear away potentially harmful chemicals and diseases such a hepatitis C and HIV.

What this means is that you’ll have to have a good knowledge of current legislation on the topic, as well as know which cleaning products and methods will work for your field.

Overall, the work of a crime scene cleaner can be a satisfying but challenging one, giving you the knowledge that you are undertaking a valuable service that is an absolute must for the general public’s health. And, if you can prove yourself to be effective in this varying and helpful job, you could make a healthy living from it.

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