How to go job hunting after university


School time is over and now it is to face the real world. Books and classes over, grad students are frantically looking for that one job which will be the answer to all their goals and dreams. Some are lucky enough to land one of those much coveted graduate schemes offered by different companies. Even if you haven’t gotten one, there’s absolutely nothing to be discouraged about. If you work hard and with just the right amount of intelligence, getting one of your dream graduate jobs is not that difficult. Yes, you might have heard all the horror stories of unemployment but don’t let yourself be pulled down by such pessimism. There are some ways in which you can get yourself a good graduate job.


Contrary to what you might think, networking doesn’t mean socialising and being spotted on Page 3. It means building connections with the right people and this includes friends, family, co-workers, etc. Get e-mail addresses of people who could help you in what you are doing. You would be surprised to know that a lot of good and interesting jobs are recruited through internal contacts and recommendations. This means that if you know the right people, you could land yourself a good job in your area of expertise. Ask your friends and family to keep an eye out for jobs and openings related to your sector.

Social media

Another tremendously useful form of social networking, getting professional contacts these days are so much easier with platforms like LinkedIn. Use Facebook, Twitter, etc to look up people in your profession, follow their work, drop them an e-mail expressing interest in their work and so on. Social media is THE big thing now and it is being used by everyone from individuals to start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. Follow the right pages and you never know what graduate jobs come your way.

Direct approach

Is there a company where you dream of working at? If so, then one bold move would be to approach them directly. Yes, cold-emailing with your CV could actually get you somewhere and you would have nothing to lose. They might not have any vacancies, but they will store your CV in their database. If you have a solid CV then there’s a real chance that you will get a call from their HR the moment there’s a vacancy. If you are in look, they might even be looking for a junior staffer to join their team.


One of the most common ways to land a job is by interning with your chosen companies. Usually good interns are absorbed by the companies themselves. Remember to stand out during your stint as an intern. Work hard, be enthusiastic and listen. However, don’t ever fall into the trap of being stuck in an unpaid internship. The company should not take you for granted and keep getting your time and services for free. Be assertive, not a doormat to be exploited at will.

Finally, once you have been called for a job interview, make sure to work on your interview techniques. As your friends or family to take mock interviews with you. Read interview tips and tricks online so that you can ace that all important interview. Make sure that you dress well and have all the requisite documents with you when you go along. Remember first impressions are very important so look confident and at ease when you walk through that door to get that dream job you’ve worked so hard for.

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Dan works as a recruiter with a multinational finance corporation. He has been successfully recruiting fresh faces for graduate jobs for the last decade at As a hobby, Dan likes collecting vintage wines. He also likes travelling with his wife and daughter.



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