The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country

The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country -

Working overseas is an exciting opportunity that can be hard to turn down. However, it is essential for you to understand both the pros and cons before taking that leap.

The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country 300x199 The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country
Advantages of Working Abroad:

Personal Development

Working overseas enables you to meet new people and experience new things; both of which are essential in enhancing your personal development. You get to learn new languages, experience different cultures and customs, broaden your knowledge, and appreciate diversity. In addition, you get to meet new people and make new friends. Unlike back home, where your circle of friends consists of childhood friends, schoolmates/college mates, and work colleagues, a new environment gives you the opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships.

Career Advancement

Working with people from different backgrounds enables you to learn the different ways that people deal with work. For instance, if you get your online master of Management in Spanish and travel to a Spanish speaking country, you can effectively exchange ideas on how to achieve certain objectives through different business cultures and professional ethics. On the other hand, learning new languages will not only enable you to communicate effectively in the new country, it also enhances your resume. The ability to communicate in different languages is – professionally speaking – a career changer, especially in this day and age of globalization.

Travel and Adventure

Working overseas offers you the chance to visit new places around the globe. As such, you will be able to explore and experience the various attractions and destinations that you would, otherwise, only see in travel magazines and TV shows or hear about from widely-traveled friends. You get to meet new people from different cultures, eat foods that you have never tasted, see new places, and experience customs and cultures that are different from your own.

Disadvantages of Working Abroad:

Adapting to Change

Working overseas presents a new set of challenges, especially with regard to settling into a new environment. First, there is the initial culture shock – a new country means a different social setting. People do things differently, have different beliefs, probably speak a different language, and have different expectations.

The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country  300x199 The Pros and Cons of Working Outside of Your Home Country

In addition, you have to deal with other realities such as finding suitable housing, familiar foods, and making friends. These factors determine how quickly you settle in to your new environment. On the other hand, getting used to your new environment exposes you to reverse culture shock when the time to go back home comes. Once you get back home, you will need some time to adjust since you have been acclimatized to the other country’s way of doing things.


Working outside your home country means that, you have to move away from your family, friends, and in some cases your spouse or partner. This distance can have a serious toll on your relationships – missing your loved ones’ weddings, parties, birthdays, funerals, and other special occasions. In addition, spending Thanksgiving or Christmas away from friends and family could be disheartening and disappointing.

Starting Afresh

When moving to another country, you have to leave behind or even get rid of your most prized possessions such as house, car, pet, and other personal belongings.

Disrupting Your Studies

Leaving your home country to go work overseas is likely to interrupt your studies. However, most universities and colleges offer distance learning or online learning courses to address such challenges.


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