Trends in Digital Marketing for 2014

Digital marketing is a relatively young field (compared to other fields, that is), but it has already penetrated business to such a degree that it’s hard to imagine any enterprise not participating in it – truly, digital marketing is here to stay. And, like any other form of marketing, it will have its ups and its downs as trends change and methods evolve. Now let’s take a closer look at what experts predict for digital marketing in the year 2014.

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Social media is a must

This sounds like common sense, perhaps, but marketing efforts through social media will definitely become a must. There was a time when social media marketing was new and hip – a luxury that might not give big returns but presented the company in a modern light. Those days are over; social media participation has indeed become a requirement. As more and more companies see large measurable advantages to social media, it’s more likely than not that companies will assign employees specifically for social media marketing implementation and get the necessary help from social media experts. Companies which do not engage on digital social media platforms will soon fall behind.

Pictures say more than words

Text-based content will always be important, but 2013 has shown a trend of picture-based content on the rise, and this is very likely to continue. It makes sense; pictures do show more than words alone, and a short video can deliver entertainment as well as information if the creators are smart about it. This inevitably means that marketing messages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are likely to contain links to short videos and other graphics. Moreover, YouTube will probably be used more, and platforms such as Tumblr or Mobli will continue to grow.

Real-time marketing will surge

There has been a convergence of marketing techniques in different media, and this will continue. As television can be seen on mobile phones and as social media platforms allow for links to videos or channels, companies will readjust their strategies and will probably ensure real-time marketing plays a prominent role. Real-time marketing is not necessarily easy to perform, as it requires knowledge of the potential customer, and an “on-the-fly” determination of the best offer at a given time and place is not always simple, but it’s very likely that many companies will be going back to the drawing board to invest in smarter ways of accomplishing these goals.

Undoubtedly, trends will grow and change as the years go by – and some will be more effective than others. New technology or a greater integration of existing technology is also likely to create different media and different platforms, and all these things can be game changers. Companies that realise they need to step up their social media efforts would do well by consulting experts like Ocere. Social marketing experts and specialists understand the business and are constantly monitoring changing trends in order to give businesses the greatest chance of success in their marketing campaigns. It is true that digital marketing is an exciting but often tricky field – but when done correctly, it can be very rewarding indeed.

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